Friday, January 13, 2012

Changing it up

Sometimes you want to change your mani up without taking off your old one. After a couple of days wearing my previous manure, I decided to do blue flakes on the tips. I used Motley from finger paints. It brings a nice blue and teal shimmer without hiding the base color. Then after a few more days I decided to try a stamp on top before taking the mani off. I have a total of around 12 coats of polish on my tips now because of all the clear I've used... My nails are grown out too much but I couldn't avoid wearing these for two days!


  1. So pretty with the stamping...luvin the 3d effect..plz do more Stamping!♥

  2. :o) this is really cool, how on earth do you get your polish to stay on your nails long enough to grow out? Doesn't seem to matter what basecoat or polish I use, it always starts flaking or peeling by day three!

    1. I gave up Seche Vite! I had a horrible peeling problem, especially if I did multiple coats of clear. If I wear glitter, I try to use a cream base.
      The clear I use now is from Supply Source. A 16oz bottle cost a whopping 12 dollars. Well, they had a $25 minimum, but still worth it. This is the best all around clear that I have used in the 2 years that I have been doing my nails.