Monday, April 30, 2012

Candy Wave

I bought China Glaze Riveting the other day. It is gorgeous, sparkly, and orange. I was admiring the glass flecked finish and figured that it went well with some other CGs that I own. I grabbed 108 Degrees, Senorita Bonita, and Blue Iguana and painted them on top in a wavy, non perfect way. The colors make a perfect gradient, and then the blue makes a pop on the tips. They are flashy and I love them. I will definetly be using these colors together again.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Polish storage

I made my own wall rack, its 4 feet wide. I bought 1x2 furring strips and cut them in half. They cost $1 each at lowes and I used a total of 3.5 for mine. That made 5 shelves and the sides. It holds a little more than 200 polishes. It is also deep enough that I could add a thin strip of lumber across the front for earthquake prone places. Make sure you attach to studs in your wall. Originally I used drywall anchors rated way above the weight of my rack, but the drywall was too old and brittle and I dropped the whole thing. Luckily only 4 polishes broke. I need to add on to mine now. This is from when I first made it. The top is full and I have polish on my desk that doesn't fit. Luckily now I only buy super exciting polishes because I have the whole rainbow. It's rare for me to buy a polish now. Oh, speaking of rainbow, that's how I sorted the shelves now. Also each shelf goes cream, shimmer, glitter, flakie.