Monday, June 11, 2012

Grungy Graphic Print

I started with a base of Zoya Tallulah. I didn't take photos of it right away and I smudged it before I got a chance. It took forever to dry, even with a fast dry top coat. I thought it was a little too plain, so I stamped it with Zoya Trixie. Plus it hid the smudges! It was a little too sparkly for stamping. I wore it that way for a day and then decided to try double stamping with black. I offset the second stamps so you could see a little bit of the first. I was practicing so I was a little bit slow and it turned into a neat grunge effect. It reminds me of tshirts with big graphic prints. I have one photo with only one stamp and two with the two stamps. I do not know what order blogger will put them in. I do all my blogging from a mobile phone which is horrendous, just so you know. =]

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