Friday, November 11, 2011

Harry Potter!

11-11-11.  The last Harry Potter is coming out on dvd.  HP is something I thought that I would never like that much.  I watched the first 4 and then just quit watching.  They were good but I wasn't crazy about them. I decided that I better watch the others before the Deathly Hallows part 1 came out in theatres.  Then I liked those so much that I read all the books in about a month.  Here is the manicure I wore to Deathly Hallows part 2.

This is done with the plastic bag technique.  Take a sandwich bag, do your designs on it, and then peel and stick onto wet polish.  I would of never been able to do the HP logo with my left hand.  With something I want to be recognized, I will revert to that technique.

So I have the logo, the deathly hallows, sword of Gryffindor & a broomstick, Harry's glasses and of course the Gryffindor G.

Oh and seeing as I live in FL, last year I had annual passes to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.  Well, they opened the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  If you are a HP fan, and are ever in Orlando.  YOU MUST GO!  It is so awesome. 

Here is a couple of photos so you can get just a small little taste of how cool the world is.

Okay.  Butterbeer is so delicious.  But, it is non alcoholic, and served cold or frozen!  Now, I know we are in Florida, but in the book it is warmed up. The best part of the drink is this one to two inches of white creamy super sugary caramel flavored stuff on top.  Overall it tastes kind of like cream soda, but I hate cream soda, so I'm not sure why I like this so much!  

This is the sorting hat inside Hogwarts right before you get on the ride.  He talks and sings and is generally all around awesome! Walking through the school is really neat but rather dark so it was hard to get photos because I only had my cell phone for pictures.  You get to see Hermione, Harry, and Ron as they sneak you out of class.  You get a visit with Dumbledore in his office.  You walk through the greenhouse and get a peek at the baby mandrakes.  It is just so fun to see everything! 

Here is the Hogwart's Express.  Just parked right in the middle of Hogsmeade.
Here is a wide view of Hogsmeade.  The shops are so fun to visit.  Ollivander's, the joke/candy shop, the three broomsticks, so on so forth.  Oh, and the women's bathroom!  Moaning Myrtle is played through the speakers talking to you.  It's too bad the bathroom isn't all stone.  It's a boring commercial bathroom.  Haha.

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